Love Always

Almost Home

on June 7, 2015

I cannot believe that this is my second to last blog entry! That is so insane. May was a busy month filled with birthdays, goodbyes, a very important graduation, beach trips, and the start of final exams for the older kiddos. May also brought some homesickness because it was the first time I wasn’t with my family to celebrate my birthday. However, my Dominican family and favorite nuns helped make my 26th birthday a memorable one. (Yes, I know it’s crazy that I’m 26 and yet it’s like I haven’t aged a day. I feel the same way.)

So since I haven’t really put up many pictures, I figured I’d share the month of May with you all via pictures. So here it is:

Punta Cana

Punta Cana

So the first beach trip in May was to the oh so famous Punta Cana. I’m pretty sure it’s the most touristy place in the DR but I thought it was wayyyyy overrated. Don’t get me wrong, the water is nice and the sand is white, but I think there are way prettier places to travel to in the DR than Punta Cana. Nonetheless, Spency and I had a fun time there!

May was filled with birthdays! So, everyone knows I live with nuns right? I live with 4 nuns and Spency (until he left us!). Out of the 6 people in the house, 4 of us had May birthdays. (Just goes to show that May is an awesome month..but that’s just an aside) Anywayyy, so we always celebrate birthdays by going out to dinner or doing something fun. Fatima kick started the birthday celebrations since her birthday is May 2. Here we are celebrating Fatima’s birthday at a German restaurant. The food is yummy and the beer is good!

My lovely community celebrating Fatima's birthday!

My lovely community celebrating Fatima’s birthday!

When my sister told me she’d be graduating in May I was so sad because I wasn’t going to be there. But as always, God provides and I was able to fly home to see her walk the stage! I am beyond proud of her and can’t wait to see what God has in store for her!

Vernie graduated!! YAY!!

Vernie graduated!! YAY!!

Did you know that car washes turn into bars at night here in the DR? Well now you do. Yep, that’s right. You can go get your car cleaned during the day and then head back later on and dance the night away! It’s quite a Dominican experience. So when it was time for Spency’s despedida, we decided to take him there. It was a fun night with the teachers from the school!

Some of the teachers at the car wash!

Some of the teachers at the car wash!

My birthday is May 22 and Genevieve’s birthday is May 24 so we decided to celebrate together! Kathleen suggested we take a trip to the beach for our birthdays and we thought it was a wonderful idea! So that’s exactly what we did. I had a fun, relaxing weekend at the beach with these crazy nuns.

Birthday fun at the beach with these lovely ladies!

Birthday fun at the beach with these lovely ladies!

Mother’s Day is celebrated May 31st here. Since I’ve been working with the parents association of the school (which is really all moms except for one dad), I wanted to do something nice for them. So I surprised them and made cheesecakes and gave them some little gifts. They are a group of hardworking mothers that deserve to be spoiled so I tried my best to do just that if even only for a couple of hours.

They loved the cheesecake!

They loved the cheesecake!

And that pretty much sums up the month of May for me. I’m sad that school is coming to a close and that I soon won’t be able to see my kiddos everyday. They’ve been such a blessing to me this past year and I’ve really grown to love and care for all of them. As I mentally prepare myself for my last month with them, I ask for your prayers. I’m all sorts of emotional nowadays but I’m trying to keep it together! Haha, but really. These people have shown me who God is and what He can do in so many ways. I hope that during my time here they have been able to, even if in the tiniest of ways, to see God in me. There’s a song by the JJ Weeks band that I really like and I feel like it captures my mission to spread love here pretty well. It says:

Let them see You in me
Let them hear You when I speak
Let them feel You when I sing
Let them see You
Just let them see You in me

Love always,


P.S. I would like to wish my rock, my best friend, my mother a very happy birthday! I love you momma and I’m so grateful God gave me you as my mother. I hope you have the best birthday! I would also like to wish my Bubs a happy 8th birthday on Friday. I seriously cannot believe you are turning 8!! I love and miss you so much! I’ll see you soon sweet boy!


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