Love Always


on April 10, 2015

So I had been looking forward to March ever since my parents told me last semester that they booked their flight to the DR! I had a countdown going on and everything! (thanks to my handy countdown app) I would tell everyone at home and at school, “my parents will be here in 2 months!!!” or “ah! they’ll be here in 3 weeks!” I was wayyy excited. So when the day finally came, I could hardly contain myself. Waiting at the airport, I was actually kind of nervous. It all went away as soon as I saw my parents through the glass! And like the child I am, I ran to them lol. We had a moment. My mom may or may not have teared up, which may or may not have made me tear up. Haha. Here is their first picture in the Dominican Republic (yes, I know, my sign is just so creative)parents 2Aren’t they cute? So my parents had 8 days in the DR and I was determined to show them a wonderful time in the country I’ve been in the past 8 months. I was so excited to show them my house and have them meet my community but I was most excited for them to see the batey and meet my kids. The next day I gave them a tour of the school and of the batey with some of the best tour guides aroundDSCF2086DSCF2067DSCF2080It made me so happy to see them with my kids. I’ve talked about my kiddos to my parents so for them to finally be able to put a face to the name was so exciting! The kids were also excited to show them around and play with them. After spending the day at the batey, it was time to go home. But of course I wanted to give them a Dominican experience, so we went home on ‘motores’ aka motorcycles. I took a picture of them but on my dad’s phone so I don’t have it to share with y’all, but it was pretty funny…I mean cool. 🙂

So after spending a couple of days at my house, cooking dinner for my community, experiencing the power outages, and getting to know my ‘barrio’, it was time to show my parents the Dominican Republic that most people think of. Here are a few pics from the beaches we visited

Such tourists..haha

Such tourists..haha

Oh how I've missed being ridiculous with my mother

Oh how I missed being ridiculous with my mother


Isla Saona is literally paradise

Isla Saona is literally paradise



Because of course you have to have a piña colada and a Presidente when you’re in the DR

my dad liked playa Dominicus

my dad liked playa Dominicus

After spending a couple days at the beach, we made it back to the city at the start of the Triduum. We went to mass at the cathedral (which also happens to be the first cathedral in the Americas), so that was pretty cool. There was a night when we were on the terrace of our hotel, chatting under the stars, and though I was listening, I was also thanking God for my parents. As I sat there with them, I felt so grateful for having them with me and being able to share this experience with them. However, before I knew it, it was time for them to leave. There were no tears this time, though, only hugs and smiles. I’m so happy that my parents were able to come visit me and see how and where I’ve been living these past several months.  So instead of being sad, I shall remember the Dr. Seuss quote that says:

Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.

Love always,


P.S. I would like to wish my seester Vernie a very happy birthday! I cant believe you’ll be ## on Tuesday! haha. I miss and love you Ronald! I hope you have an awesome day, you deserve it!


2 responses to “Excitement

  1. Lilia Mejia says:

    Hello baby, can’t way till you get here, even when seems is only 2 more months, for me is taking too long ( sorry) but true,:( we all miss you very much, your sisters, the kids and your best friend Pepe y Lila 😍😍love you baby.


  2. Pamela Kae says:

    This really touched my heart. Im so glad your parents had a great experience there with you. Loved this entry. I mean I love all of yours but this one was special. Ha 🙂 Miss you lovely.


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